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    Like the other lumbar spinal bones, L4 primarily. The L4 vertebra is the second lowest segment of the lumbar region and one of the most common locations of spine conditions that lead to chronic lower back pain. The L4- L5 are the two lowest vertebrae in the lumbar spine, and together with the attached disc, joints, nerves and soft tissues, it provides a variety of functions, including supporting the upper body and allowing motion in multiple directions. How can the answer be improved? The L5 vertebra is the lowest vertebra in the lumbar spine before the sacral spine begins and is the most common site of conditions such as herniated discs and spondylolisthesis. The reason that the L4 vertebra is vulnerable to spine conditions is that the five lumbar vertebrae are responsible for supporting most of the body’ s weight and providing the spine.
    L4, L5, S1 Low Back Pain Treatment L4, L5, S1- psoas- stretching Herniated disc, bulging disc, degenerative disc in the low back. Herniated Disc L5- S1. The lumbar spine is located in the lower back and is responsible for the support and flexibility of the upper body.
    But psoas stretching through the AIS method is not fully understood by other back pain specialists. Vertebre l4 l5. The lumbar spine ( lower back) is a remarkably complex structure. Toutefois, le segment L4- L5 est tout particulièrement fragile à la dégénérescence en raison de sa structure anatomique. Situé dans le bas du dos, dans le « creux » légèrement au- dessus du pli inter fessier, le segment L4- L5 subit énormément de pression. The fourth lumbar spine vertebra ( L4) is located towards the bottom of the lumbar section, near the sacral vertebrae at the bottom of the spine. Back pain that originates in L4, L5, and S1 is commonly diagnosed.
    Treatment for a disc bulge in L4- L5 includes physical therapy and waiting to see if symptoms abate on their own, or a surgical repair. The majority of bulging discs occur in the lumbar, or lower, region of the spine. Lumbar Illustration of L4 and L5 with Interspinal Muscles The medical illustrations in this gallery were commissioned to bring attention to a new finding; to demonstrate compression of the lumbar vertebrae L4 and L5 and the correlation of the contraction by the interspinal muscles.

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